Why thick condoms?


Thick condoms are condoms manufactured from a slightly heavier material, latex or otherwise. Some people prefer thicker condoms for their added strength, as they are less likely to break.  An intact condom is of course more likely to prevent unwanted pregnancies or disease transmission.

Some men find they can last longer during intercourse with the somewhat desensitizing effects of a thicker condom.  Thus, they are often used as an aid to prevent premature ejaculation.

What thicker condom brands can I buy?

Thick condoms are made from a heavier material, usually latex.  Some people choose these brands because they are extra durable, and are less likely to break during intercourse.  More often, many men who experience problems with premature ejaculation prefer thicker condoms because they slighly decrease sensation, enabling men to last longer during sex.

Known thick condoms include:

Can’t I just wear two condoms?

It is generally advised that wearing two condoms (one on top of another) or “double-bagging it” is a very bad idea.  The multiple layers of latex or other material can create enough friction during sex that they are much more likely to tear.  This can lead to unwanted pregnancy or disease transmission.

Men hoping to last longer during intercourse and prevent premature ejaculation by decreasing sensation have a better option: thick condoms, sometimes called “extra strong” or “extra safe” condoms.  Thicker condoms are not only less likely to break than standard condoms, but they can help men increase their sexual duration.  It is also of course cheaper to use one thick condom than two regular condoms.